Here you will find my PPDP-2014 (Canterbury) slides:

On the Declarative Structure
of Quantum Concepts:
States and Observables

This is a Web page, readable by any browser, preferably Firefox. It uses SVG images, and two serious Javascript packages, Reveal.js for the presentation, animation, etc., and MathJax for the rendering of the LaTeX formulae. You don't have to install them to read my document, but they are really nice and useful, I recommend them.


Navigate using cursor keys (sometimes you can use mouse). The collection is "2-dimensional", while the natural order of slides is from left to right, some related pages are positioned vertically one beneath the other. Press ESC to see the overview of the collection [and use cursors]. If you feel lost, contact me; sorry, but all this has been assembled just for me, for my presentation. [If you don't feel lost, but have some comments, I will appreciate them].